3rd fact

There were 452 new cases of gynaecologic cancers in WA in 2010 and this is projected to rise to 517 new cases by 2015.

Hugo's Story

Anita and Husband, Jamie had been trying to conceive for some time. When they eventually fell pregnant with twins they were delighted. From the start it wasn’t an easy pregnancy and at just 21 weeks gestation Anita’s waters broke. After being admitted into hospital and ordered complete bed rest Anita went into spontaneous labour 25 weeks gestation giving birth to her twin boys (her babies were 15 weeks premature).

Heartbroken Anita and Jamie felt helpless. Their twins were tiny but they struggled very hard to survive.  Beau fought for three hours before his lungs collapsed and he passed away. Hugo, the stronger of the two boys began his three month battle of survival.   

Watch Hugo's Story (2.5 minutes Video clip)

Thanks to the Moullin Family for sharing this story with us.