4th fact


Of about 32,000 births each year in WA, approximately 2,800 are preterm and this figure is rising.

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Prime Research Areas:
  • Prevention of preterm birth
  • Fetal origins of adult and childhood diseases
  • Prevention and understanding of gynaecological cancers
  • The placenta in healthy and complicated pregnancies
  • Long term consequences of IVF
  • Prediction of preeclampsia
  • Prevention of gestational diabetes
  • Improving maternity healthcare deliveries
  • Anaesthesia and pain relief in pregnancy
  • Health and nutrition of the newborn
  • Fetal and neonatal heart and lung function
  • Prevention of postnatal depression and anxiety
  • Promotion and evaluation of breastfeeding
  • Drug use in pregnancy
  • Women’s health problems in later life including menopause