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Of about 32,000 births each year in WA, approximately 2,800 are preterm and this figure is rising.

The Cycle Study

Cycling to break the cycle of pregnancy diabetes
We are experiencing an epidemic of diabetes. If successful the cycle study will have major benefits for mothers, their children and our future generations.

What is the Cycle Study?

Women with a history of gestational diabetes have a more than 50% chance of it recurring in their next pregnancy. The Cycle Study investigates if a program of regular exercise helps prevent the recurrence of gestational diabetes.   

Read the 2013 research report here

Regular exercise offers many benefits for the mother and child, but we do not know if it can prevent gestational diabetes. 

If shown to be beneficial, this program will have profound benefits for women, their children, and future generations.   

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Arlaina's Story

Arlaina is a cycle study participant she explains how the study has impacted on her health and pregancy - read her story here.  

Would you like to know more?
If you would like to participate in this exciting and important study or would like further information please download our brochure and information sheet or contact:

Cycle Study Research Midwives on 9340 1705 or 0457 123407
Email: cyclestudy@uwa.edu.au