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There were 452 new cases of gynaecologic cancers in WA in 2010 and this is projected to rise to 517 new cases by 2015.

Gynaecologic Oncology

The Western Australian Gynaecologic Cancer Research Initiative commenced in 2013 to bring clinical practice and research together to improve outcomes for women with a gynaecologic cancer in Western Australia. The establishment of the WA Gynaecologic Oncology Biospecimen Bank (WAGO Biobank) in 2013 laid the foundation for the Initiative with the aim to recruit a full time PhD Scientist with specific expertise in gynaecologic cancers.

With the support of the Cancer Research Trust and our collaborators in WIRF, SJOG Subiaco, Ladybird Foundation, The University of Western Australian and bequests, we were able to raise a substantial sum to support a UWA Chair in Gynaecologic Oncology Research for five years. After an advertising campaign, selection process and interviews, one applicant was offered the position but eventually declined for family reasons. We will now embark on a search and screen process once more.

Dr Nik Zeps at SJOG Subiaco has been a strong supporter of the Gynaecologic Cancer Research Initiative. However Dr Zeps has now taken a more executive position and his position as Principal Coordinating Investigator of the WAGO Biobank will be taken by Dr Paul Cohen. We thank Dr Zeps for his enthusiastic support over the years and look forward to working with him in his new position. We also welcome WIRF Research Nurses, Narisha Pendal and Diane Loh to the WAGCS team to help with our ongoing projects.