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The rate of preterm birth in Western Australia is 8-9%, and is 15% in Aboriginal people.

Healthy Babies

Improvements in the care of new-born infants over the last few decades have resulted in much greater survival across the range of gestational ages at birth. Many challenges remain, however, in the care of very preterm infants. The Foundation has multiple studies underway that are investigating better ways to support preterm infant’s voice development, their immunity, nutritional needs and lactation that is so important for
their development.

The COMET study has investigated the impact of preterm birth on the immuno-protective qualities of the mother’s milk, and the Preterm Voice Study has analysed the voices of preterm children affected by regular intubation at birth, and the effectiveness of a therapy to treat preterm voice problems. The Human Lactation Research Group has investigated better ways to feed fragile, preterm infants, and understood more about the barriers to breastfeeding, such as nipple pain and low milk supply.