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Of about 32,000 births each year in WA, approximately 2,800 are preterm and this figure is rising.

HUG Campaign

HUG Campaign Background

Every mum should experience the joy of taking their healthy newborn home but sadly this isn't in the case for 2,500 babies (8-9% of babies)born in Western Australia. Preterm birth is the single biggest cause of childhood death and disability in developed countries, including Australia. Most children can expect to go on and lead healthy and productive lives, but many will suffer from disabilities including cerebral palsy, learning and behavioural difficulties and lung disease, sadly some babies will not survive. Discovering how to prevent preterm birth is one of the Foundation's highest priorities and with your help we can make a difference in preventing and reducing the dangers of preterm birth.

Read about Hugo here, born with his twin at just 25 weeks gestation.

Watch Hugo's Story (2.5 minutes Video clip)

How you can help

Please show your support by making a donation or helping to sell our campaign merchandise - call us on 6458 1437 or email chris@wirf.com.au to order your box/es.  

You may like to run your own fundraising campaign - here's a few fundraising ideas for individuals and groups.

Thank you for supporting research into preterm birth.