5th fact

1,404 women die (27 every week) from cancer of the ovary, uterus or cervix.

Research Achievements

  • Prevention of major complications that can result in life-long disability
  • New ventilation techniques aimed at improving chances of survival to minimalise lung injury in premature babies
  • Providing nutrition without damaging the bowel and to strengthen the infant’s immune system
  • Developing new tests and treatments for women with conditions that place the fetus at risk of brain haemorrhage or long term disability
  • Improving pain relief during childbirth and surgery
  • Exploring ways to rapidly mature the fetus at risk of early birth
  • State-wide follow up studies of premature babies, with a focus on physical and intellectual outcomes
  • The development of evidence based lactation practices for breastfeeding
  • Cord blood testing and links with perinatal outcomes