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There were 452 new cases of gynaecologic cancers in WA in 2010 and this is projected to rise to 517 new cases by 2015.

Volunteer Patient Support

Volunteers assist in supporting patients in wards and clinics across the Hospital. Some volunteers assist in administrative duties for clinics, and others serve morning tea and offer a listening ear to patients attending appointments.

Our volunteers also coordinate the making of baby packs for the Social Work Department to provide to families in need. They also assist in coordinating community members to make memory boxes for the hospital’s Perinatal Loss Service, to create a lasting memory for families who’ve sadly lost a baby.

Our patient support volunteers assist the Hospital to deliver a caring and supportive service, and we are extremely grateful for the volunteers who give their time for this cause. 

We are currently seeking the below volunteers:

Oncology Blanket Program Coordinator

If you would like to volunteer to support our patients or decorate or prepare items for memory boxes, please contact info@wirf.com.au

Image courtesy of the Community Newspaper Group

Memory Box Samples

Artwork by Kerryn Murnain, designs by various artists