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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

Aurie's 1st Birthday Appeal

web-2_re-(1).pngWhen Chantel Segaram gave birth to her daughter Aurie Nakiya on 1 April last year, the birth wasn’t just preterm, it was almost 15 weeks too soon!

Born at 25 weeks and 1 day by emergency caesarean, and weighing just 746 grams, Aurie was classed as a ‘micropreemie’.

Her early delivery, due to preterm premature rupture of the membrane (PPROM) and suspected chorioamnionitis, was an incredibly scary and uncertain period for Chantel and husband Tyson.

Chantel remembers in vivid detail her overwhelming NICU experience.

“Almost immediately we noticed the number of babies entering the NICU every day,” Chantel explains.

“Some families would come and go quickly but there were some families that sat and watch and waited, day after day, month after month. Aurie had a very long hospital stay ahead of her and we were motivated to get her home to her siblings as soon as we could.” 

Since her birth, Aurie has needed significant medical intervention. She had a number of different procedures and treatments during her hospitalisation. 

In July of last year, the family would celebrate a monumental milestone as they welcomed Aurie home after 93 days at King Edward Memorial Hospital. 

“Aurie has a healthy heart, a healthy brain, healthy lungs and healthy eyes. Every day we feel like we won the lotto.”

To mark Aurie’s 1st birthday, her journey, and support research into preterm birth prevention, Chantel and Tyson have partnered with the Women & Infants Research Foundation on a birthday fundraiser for Aurie in lieu of gifts.

You can
donate to the Appeal here (please ensure you select Aurie’s Birthday Appeal in ‘Step 2’). Please be sure to leave a message in the comments section also.
WIRF: Who we are and what we do

The Women & Infants Research Foundation (WIRF) is focussed on critical issues impacting women, infants and pregnancy.

WIRF’s scientists are working on research projects to continue our quest to prevent preterm birth, gynaecological cancers and to improve women’s mental health.

Our research and programs have directly contributed to a number of improved clinical practices and health outcomes worldwide. Our most significant areas of impact is through our work into preventing preterm birth.

Learn more about WIRF and our critical work by watching this video.

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