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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

Donate Your Day

We all have at least one day a year we could donate to change or save THE lives OF WOMEN AND INFANTS!

Donating Your Day

For your or your child's birthday, Mother’s day, engagement, Christmas or any other day, you simply ask your friends, family, work colleagues etc. to donate to one of our support opportunities instead of giving you presents.

Contact us to set up a campaign on your behalf, then share it with friends and family, encouraging them to replace a gift with a donation.

For more information contact
Richie Hodgson: richie@wirf.com.au | (08) 6458 1387

Aria and Isla's first birthday
To celebrate and honour Aria and Isla‘s first birthday and their journey at King Edward Memorial Hospital, the twins' parents are asking that guests please consider making a donation to our preterm birth prevention research and programs in lieu of gifts.

Your support will directly benefit women and infants through priority research and support programs for women and babies in need.

Click here to donate your gift to Aria and Isla. Just select 'The prevention of preterm birth' field and enter your gift amount.

You can contact Panchi here.


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