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Prof Newnham wins top AMA award

WIRF’S Chief Scientific Director, Professor John Newnham, has been recognised with the Australian Medical Association’s preeminent honour as part of their annual awards evening.

Professor Newnham was awarded the prestigious Hippocrates Award as part of the AMA (WA) Charity Gala Dinner and Awards night held on Saturday, 22 June.

The Hippocrates Award recognises long term and long-lasting contributions to health and medicine in Western Australia.

AMA (WA) President Dr Omar Khorshid said Professor Newnham’s successful work in reducing pre-term births was now acknowledged around the world.

“His determination to continue his research in WA has set a benchmark for many others and we look forward to additional funding from the State Government in due course to assist local research,” Dr Khorshid said.

“John has always believed that life begins before birth, not after, and he has inspired many others to concentrate on finding further ways of lowering the rate of pre-term birth, which is the single major killer of children up to five years of age and a major cause of lifelong disability.”

Head of Maternal Fetal Medicine at KEMH, Professor Jan Dickinson said John had devoted his life to medicine and research - not for his own advancement but for ours.

“John epitomises the characteristics of a medical practitioner at their best: intelligent, innovative, compassionate and honourable,” Prof Dickinson said.

“His ability to inspire others is amazing and has led to a host of people who have interacted with him to strive to excel in whatever their life calling is.”

The AMA Award comes on the back of Prof John Newnham’s nomination as a finalist in the 2019 Western Australian of the Year Awards in the Professionals category.

In another win for King Edward Memorial Hospital, Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Katrina Calvert, was also named as The AMA (WA) Junior Doctor of the Year.

Dr Calvert is a strong advocate for junior doctors, constantly seeking ways to improve their work experience at KEMH along with teaching and protecting their wellbeing.

The final award for the evening, The AMA (WA) President’s Award, which goes to a non-doctor who has made an outstanding contribution to health, was presented to health advocate and famed sportsman John Inverarity.


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