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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

Our Ambassadors

About the WIRF Ambassador Program

The Women and Infants Research Foundation (WIRF) Ambassador Program aims to raise awareness and support of the Foundation and its research and programs into priority areas of women’s and infants’ health.

Our ambassadors will share their personal stories through appropriate channels to assist in raising awareness and financial support for the Foundation. The Program will include people with a preterm birth experience, high-profile Ambassadors, and health professionals, which are united by their commitment for all Australian women to enjoy the best health for themselves, their pregnancies and their babies.

Why participate in the Ambassador Program?

Sharing personal stories of preterm birth is a powerful and highly effective way of raising awareness of preterm birth, WIRF’s leading role in preterm birth prevention, and the importance of securing future funding to enable research and programs into areas of women’s and newborns’ health which matter most to our community.

Opportunities proposed as part of the Ambassadors Program are tailored to generate substantial positive media coverage and social media engagement for both our Ambassador and the Foundation. Our Ambassadors will also be recognised as a Major Supporter of the Foundation.

What is required of me as part of the program?

We understand that our Ambassadors are busy people that are juggling many competing priorities, and as such, our Ambassador opportunities are not designed to be burdensome or time-consuming.

We strive to identify the different strengths and preferences of our Ambassadors and marry those with the different opportunities available throughout the year. Ambassador opportunities are not limited to preterm birth prevention. WIRF undertakes considerable research into gynaecological cancer and other critical areas of women’s, infants’ and reproductive health.

Our Ambassadors can contribute to the Foundation in many different ways. These include:

  • Being the guest speaker at a WIRF event
  • Being a spokesperson for news stories and assisting with media exposure
  • Providing approved images and testimonials/messages for a variety of media
  • Appearing in online platforms and public forums
  • Co-hosting fundraising events.

How can I become an Ambassador?

If you would like to register your interest for the WIRF Ambassador Program please contact Richie Hodgson on (08) 6458 1387 or 0408 128 099 or via email at richie@wirf.com.au

The Women and Infants Research Foundation (WIRF) is proud to announce Amy and Mike Hussey as its inaugural ambassadors.

Both WIRF and the Hussey family are proudly Western Australian products but they share a stronger and much more significant bond; their commitment to the prevention of preterm birth.

Of their four pregnancies (Jasmin, William, Molly and Oscar), Amy and Mike would have not one, but two preterm birth experiences. Worldwide, more than 15 million babies are born preterm each year. In WA alone, almost 3000 babies are born too soon every year.

Read more about the Hussey's story here.
Amy and Mike Hussey as its inaugural ambassadors

Personal and powerful stories of preterm birth, as told first hand by mothers of preemie babies, are crucial to raising awareness for our research into preterm birth prevention.

These brave ladies continue to be the very best ambassadors for the work we do.

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