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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

WIRF and Linneys unite for Spring Gala 2018

WIRF is proud to announce Linneys Jewellery as its Gold Sponsor for the upcoming the WIRF Spring Gala 2018: Banquet for Babies.

Both WIRF and Linneys are proudly Western Australian products which have gone onto achieve national and international acclaim for the quality of their work, but they now share a stronger and much more significant bond; their commitment to improving the health of WA’s women and infants.

Creative Director, Justin Linney, said that Linneys are excited about the opportunity to support such an important and worthwhile event and another Subiaco icon.

“Learning about the critical work that WIRF were delivering to improve the health of women, babies and families in Western Australia and on a global scale really struck a chord with us. At its core, Linneys is a uniquely West Australian family owned business that supports the younger generation as the future of our jewellery industry but also works closely with the families of our staff as they form part of the extended Linneys family.”

“Linneys is renowned for creating jewellery that celebrates and cherishes special family moments so our values are very closely aligned with the health and wellbeing of West Australian families.”

WIRF Chief Operations Director, Deb Portughes said engaging Linneys as its Gold Sponsor was a huge boon for the Foundation and the event.

“The Linneys name is synonymous with unwavering quality and bespoke design. In many ways WIRF and Linneys evolution over 40 years as internationally recognised and respected organisations mirrors the growth of WA itself,” she said.

“Owning a piece of Linneys Jewellery is owning a piece of Western Australian art that captures the creative passion of its founder, Alan Linney.

“Among the 280+ guests expected to attend are local ministers and dignitaries, sporting identities, local celebrities, private industry, and key health and medical representatives, all united in their support for research into priority areas of women’s and infants’ health.”

The WIRF Spring Gala 2018: Banquet for Babies will be held on Saturday, 1 September 2018 at Fraser’s State Reception Centre.

The event will feature WIRF’s newly appointed Ambassadors, Mike and Amy Hussey, and promises to be a night of exquisite food, amazing entertainment and fun. Guests will hear about WIRF’s pioneering work into preterm birth prevention, gynaecological cancers and women’s mental health from the experts spearheading this research.

For tickets and more information visit:

To learn more about Linneys and their range of incomparable fine jewellery visit: https://www.linneys.com.au


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