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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

Alastair puts his legs on the line for premmies

Alastair Milne believes in the power of optimism. When his wife’s (Dawn) waters broke at 25 weeks pregnant with their daughter Eilidh, he had to be.

In total, Dawn and Eilidh would spend more than 3 months in the Neonatal Intensive Care and Preterm Birth Units at King Edward Memorial Hospital before being able to come home.

Eilidh recently celebrated her 10th birthday and is a ray of sunshine for them and everyone who knows her. This makes it important to remember Eilidh’s very difficult beginning to life and the people and places which have left an indelible mark on their lives.

To pay tribute to Eilidh, her journey, and help all the other babies born too soon, avid cyclist Alastair is raising funds for a specialised heated mattress for warming underweight neonate and premature babies and he’s literally putting his legs on the line. Watch his appeal here.

To help get his Appeal to the $3,000 mark, Alastair has promised to wax his legs on Australia Day weekend – much to the delight of his fellow cyclists.

You can donate to Alastair's Appeal here.
  • Eilidh doing the coin toss for USA vs Greece, 2019 Hopman Cup

    Eilidh doing the coin toss for USA vs Greece, 2019 Hopman Cup

  • Eilidh in KEMH, 2008

    Eilidh in KEMH, 2008

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