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Erin celebrates her first Mother’s Day

Erin-web.jpgErin celebrates her first Mother’s Day with baby Ruby 

When Erin Thomas gave birth to her daughter Ruby Landman earlier this year, the birth wasn’t just preterm, it was almost 13 weeks too soon!

Born at 27 weeks and 2 days by physiological birth with labour at home, and weighing just 950 grams, Ruby was classed as a ‘micropreemie’.

Erin remembers in vivid detail her preterm birth experience.

“We only found out that evening when I went into labour which was very quick. There were some early signs, such as bleeding and pain weeks earlier which meant we had to be prepared for any outcome,” she remembers.

“I didn’t know very much about preterm birth. But we knew that if she came early, that we she was at a gestational age where she had a good chance of surviving.”

Erin arrived at Kind Edward Memorial Hospital 10cm dilated with contractions 1 minute apart. Erin remained steadfast in her wishes to keep things physiological - without unnecessary medication or intervention.

To mature Ruby’s preterm lungs, Erin was given an antenatal steroid injection and just 10 minutes later Ruby was born. 

Apart from her low birth weight and very early birth, Ruby hasn’t had any initial or ongoing health concerns although she still receives respiratory support, ECG monitoring and feeds mostly from a tube.

Reflecting on the labour and birth experience, Erin definitely feels things could have been done better to create an environment to better support her physiologic birth, but there are still so many positives from her journey. 

“Ruby’s team have been exceptional. Nursing staff have been fantastic and I’ve had so many positive experiences interacting with the hospital’s social work team and network of charities including the WIRF. I feel so privileged to celebrate my very first Mother’s Day with my perfect little girl.” 



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