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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

Alison creates her work of heART with WIRF

Alison-Reid_web.jpgThere are many pathways to volunteering, with many of our vollies having led incredible professional and personal lives prior to their service with WIRF. Alison Reid is a perfect example of this.

Having previously worked in very senior roles in the private sector, listed property funds and large organisations, Alison felt a compelling desire to give back to the community and help others.

Having worked mainly in Sydney in shopping centre management and development, redevelopment and refurbishment of large retail properties, she relocated to work in Perth 11 years ago.

“I can’t recall what first sparked my interested about volunteering with WIRF, but I know I just wanted to give back and the WIRF Café was a great fit. I love spending time in the kitchen and preparing quality and appetising food for hospital patients, staff and visitors. It also feels good that I can, in a very real way, help others.”

Alison’s professional and volunteering journey hasn’t been without its fair share of major challenges.

Diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in August 2009, Alison had an immediate lumpectomy performed followed by aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Just 2 weeks into her radiation treatment, Alison was involved in a car accident which saw her fracture her spine and suffer a compressed vertebrae. This meant she couldn’t drive so had to walk to her daily radiation treatments constantly wearing a Jewett brace for her spine for 6 weeks.

Steeled by her experience, and armed with a full bill of health, Alison continued to walk with a purpose and in 2016, was the face of Harry Perkins’ Weekend to End Women’s Cancer’s 64km walk.

“I met a lot of women doing the walk and I know I approached the breast cancer different to a lot of people. I went out with a very positive attitude thinking ‘this is not going to get me’, ‘I am a survivor’.”

Completing the Walk again in 2019, Alison decided to cast her altruistic net even further and born was the volunteering opportunity with WIRF. When asked if she could summarise what her volunteering experience meant to her, Alison responded simply and powerful with “rewarding”.

“Volunteering gives me something to do with all the spare time I have now that I am no longer working.  I meet new people, have a few laughs and thoroughly enjoy it.”


WIRF's volunteers provide vital services across a range of departments and services – adding a human touch to everything we do. If you are interested in volunteering with WIRF in either the WIRF Café or Op Shop, please contact us at info@wirf.com.au or on T: 6158 1437.


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