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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

WIRF in the Media

  • 7 Sunrise: Bacterial Signatures Study feature

    04 Apr 2023

    A discovery made by WIRF researchers could cut premature births by up to 40% - and very early births before 34 weeks by up to 80% - in a world-changing breakthrough in pregnancy care.

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  • PSANZ National Collaborative update

    20 Dec 2022

    National efforts currently underway to safely prevent preterm and early term birth celebrated a landmark event in Sydney recently.

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  • Sharing research to improve women's health

    22 Nov 2022

    Some of the latest research in women’s and infant health will be shared at a symposium at The University of Western Australia this week.

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  • Con and Marnie Paoliello's preterm birth story

    20 Oct 2022

    Con and Marnie Paoliello's story is one of loss, grief, hope and ultimately happiness. Premiered at the 2022 WIRF Gala, the video was undoubtedly a high point of the evening and generated a groundswell of support for WIRF's fundraising efforts on the night. WIRF thanks Con and Marnie for allowing us to tell their story.

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  • How can we lower rates of pre-term birth?

    17 Aug 2022

    Dr Chris Lehner appears on Radio National's Drivetime Radio podcast to canvass national efforts underway to safely reduce rates of preterm birth.

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  • Improving baby's chance of good lung health

    29 Jul 2022

    There's been a breakthrough in the way antenatal steroids are used to help preterm babies develop their lungs in the womb. A new study suggests using lower steroid doses will improve babies' lung development and have fewer side effects for them and their mothers.

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  • Telethon just keeps growing

    15 Jul 2022

    Telethon has kicked off with a bang as some of WA’s favourite sports, TV and music stars join forces to raise money for WA’s sickest kids.

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  • Optimizing prenatal steroid administration

    13 Jul 2022

    The Western Australia-based prenatal steroid optimization collaboration between WIRF, the University of Western Australia, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, the National University of Singapore, and the Children's Hospital of Cincinnati has accumulated important research data to promote lung maturation in preterm infants and minimize side effects for both mother and child.

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  • First Nations preterm deaths a preventable tragedy

    01 Jul 2022

    “Babies will continue to be born preterm if we do not address the basic health needs of the mothers growing them," - Dr Kiarna Brown.

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  • Prepare early for bub

    01 Jun 2022

    Starting life on an even field remains a challenge for Australian First Nations babies. The rate of stillborn and neonatal deaths for Australian First Nations babies is vastly disproportionate to that of non-First Nations babies.

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  • The life-changing research helping all mum

    20 May 2022

    Do you know the potential dangers of your baby being born too soon? For any mum-to-be, understanding preterm birth – being born too soon –and how to prevent it from happening should be a top priority.

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  • Singapore plans for Sean after scholarship win

    18 Nov 2021

    A preterm birth researcher at The University of Western Australia is planning to undertake his PhD at the National University of Singapore after winning a prestigious John Monash Scholarship.

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