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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

WIRF in the Media

  • The West: Artificial womb in gestation

    15 Jul 2019

    The beginnings of what has the potential to be a medical miracle developed by WIRF lies in the paddocks surrounding the tiny town of Darkan in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region.

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  • The West: Leading the charge in preterm birth

    08 Jul 2019

    Through WIRF, WA has lowered its preterm birthrate and is now pushing the rest of the nation to do the same.

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  • Prof Newnham wins AMA top gong

    01 Jul 2019

    WIRF's Prof John Newnham has been awarded the AMA's Hippocrates Award for his long term and long-lasting contributions to health and medicine in WA.

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  • The West Weekend magazine 25 May 2019

    29 May 2019

    A profile piece on Western Australian of the Year Award nominee, Prof John Newnham.

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  • The Post: Prebith pioneer

    18 May 2019

    Prof John Newnham's career has been driven by the belief that life before birth is important.

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  • ABC Science Friction, Future Uterus

    10 Mar 2019

    Part 3 in Science Friction's eye-opening series, Future Uterus, taking a womb’s-eye view of the future of reproduction.

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  • ABC Canberra

    03 Mar 2019

    A new antenatal program in Canberra could spare as many as 30 babies from premature birth.

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  • Perth Now: Project to drive better care for cancer

    18 Feb 2019

    Thousands of WA cancer patients will be recruited for a ground-breaking research project emphasising “holistic” treatment of five of the deadliest types of cancers.

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  • WA Today: Midwives swap scrubs for swimsuits

    16 Feb 2019

    A group of Perth midwives will trade their scrubs for swimsuits and take on the Rottnest Channel Swim later this month to help raise funds for pre-term birth prevention.

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  • 7 Perth: Invention gives prem babies survival hope

    30 Jan 2019

    A Perth baby born at just 23 weeks has survived thanks to new neonatal technology being developed in WA.

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  • Seven Sydney: Artificial Womb raises hope for prems

    30 Jan 2019

    WIRF's Artificial Womb project, headed by Professor Matt Kemp, continues to capture headlines and the imagination as it seeks to provide a health intervention for extremely premature infants born at the border of viability where none currently exist.

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  • The West: Top rating for artificial womb

    13 Dec 2018

    Ground-breaking research on an artificial womb that could save the lives of extremely premature babies has achieved a WA-first — a perfect score by the country’s medical experts.

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