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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

Prevention of Preterm Birth

A Report of Major Impact

The findings of the WA Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative have been recognised as a 'Report of Major Impact' by the leading medical publicaiton, The American American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, which recognises its potential for immediate impact among the global clinical and scientific community.

We are extremely proud that the Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative is providing new information and guidelines for the global health community to effect positive change in their own regions.

Our world-unique WA Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative has reduced the rate of preterm birth across the state by 8% in its first year. That’s almost 200 families prevented from having a preterm birth and the prospect of long-term care and permanent disability for their child.

Our Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative is making a difference not only here in WA, but also Australiawide and internationally. We hope as supporters you feel as proud as we do of what you are helping us achieve as we deliver Western Australia to the world.

Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative by WIRF

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