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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

Joining our community one message at a time

2-Message-In-A-Pocket_WIRF-donation_resized-(1).jpgHelping her daughter to overcome separation anxiety with handwritten notes led a Perth mother to develop a social enterprise, which is now helping WA women undergoing cancer treatments and many others in need.

Message In A Pocket founder, Liz Blaxell, recently contacted the Women & Infants Research Foundation with a very generous donation of high-quality and high-humour Ladies Knickers for the Foundation’s Women’s Care Packages.

Ms Blaxell said the idea of first using messages to help and inspire messages started with notes in her children’s lunch boxes on the first few days of a school year.

“Although this worked well, I was trying to think of something my daughter could carry with her that might help her to get through every day,” Ms Blaxell said.

That’s when she had the idea of printing messages onto underwear, and the social enterprise began.

“No one needs to know that you have a funny little message written on your undies and it can help to bring a smile to your face throughout the day.”

Message In A Pocket has also created an opportunity to help others in need with a portion of profits, as well as underwear, being donated to the Women & Infants Research Foundation.

WIRF’s Chief Operations Director, Deb Portughes, explained that Message In A Pocket was a perfect fit for her organisation.

“The underwear has gone directly to some of our social work clients with the greatest needs. It really is a wonderful way to show them that people in the community care.”

“People like Liz, that find a way to support causes they’re passionate about, even in these tougher times, especially for small businesses, are truly special people.”

The underwear and financial donations are helping some of the WA’s most vulnerable people and supporting WIRF’s priority research and programs into women’s and infants health.

“It was such a privilege being able to pass some of the knickers on - that really is the whole idea of the business. Hopefully they bring some comfort and light to a few people's lives,” Liz said.

Message In A Pocket features a full range of adults and youths underwear. For more information about Message In A Pocket, and to view their product range, please visit the Message In A Pocket website.

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