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WIRF is one of Australia's leading organisations that is dedicated to improving the health of women and infants.

WIRF Committees

WIRF committees play a key role in supporting the general management of the organisation including management of research strategy and income, infrastructure development and operational issues.

  • Members of the committee consist of the Executive Director, Heads of Research Units, Marketing and Operations and Finance Managers. The committee meets every two months in the week prior to the board meetings.

    Executive Committee Members

    • Professor Matt Kemp
    • Deb Attard Portughes
    • Sarah Murphy
  • Members of this Committee are appointed by the Board on an honorary basis. Members of the committee meet twice a year.

    Committee members

    • Mr Tony Walsh
    • Mr Wylie Collins
    • Ms Sarah Murphy
  • The Scientific Committee meets to consider research applications for financial support and advises the Board on suitability for funding. The Committee also provides the Board with advice on scientific matters as required. Specifically they review applications for Starter Grants, Capacity Building Grants and PhD Scholarships.

    Committee members

    • Professor Matt Kemp
    • Dr Gareth Baynam
    • Dr Zoe Bradfield
    • Mat Epee
    • Patricia Wood
    • Joanne Beedie

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