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Vera takes strength from her Little Angel


Vera takes strength from her Little Angel to champion preterm birth prevention

Vera Coleski is a successful business woman and an award-winning makeup artist. She is also the mother of a Little Angel.

In 2017, at just 23 weeks, Vera was admitted to King Edward Memorial Hospital and placed on strict bed rest. Despite all the efforts to prolong her pregnancy, Vera delivered her son Andrej at just 26 weeks.

“Discovering I was pregnant is something I will never forget,” Vera reflects.

“From that moment, you know you will forever have your heart walking outside of your body. But losing Andrej to premature birth was something nobody could have prepared us for. Our little boy fought so hard for the 5 days he spent on this earth.”

Worldwide, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm each year. In 2015, preterm birth was responsible for nearly 1 million deaths. In WA alone, nearly 3000 babies are born preterm each year.

Despite an often consuming sense of grief and loss, Vera has invested her emotions and efforts into Andrej’s legacy through raising awareness of preterm birth and funds for the Women and Infants Research Foundation (WIRF) in honour of all the precious lost Little Angels.

“In memory of my little boy, I have created a new make-up product called 'Angel'; a Highlighter to give light to every mother who has ever lost,” Vera said.

“The word highlight means ‘an outstanding part of an event or period of time’. Although we didn't get our perfect ending, Andrej's birth was a highlight of our lives and he ignited feelings inside me that every mother understands.

“Although our memories of this traumatic time are challenging, being reminded of his strength is what pushes both my husband and I forward.”

In addition to the launch of her new product line and donating the proceeds of every product sold on her website for the month of March, Vera will host a High Tea for mums who have lost babies through pregnancy and infant loss as well as supporters of preterm birth prevention.

“The event will be a place for mums to find strength and support through shared experiences, all the while remembering and celebrating their own Little Angel,” Vera said.

“Being born too early is the single greatest cause of death and disability in children up to five years of age in the developed world. Discovering how to prevent this complication of pregnancy needs to be one of our highest priorities.”

The ‘Little Angels High Tea’ will be held on Sunday, 25 March from 1.30pm at the Grand River Ballroom, Pan Pacific Perth. For more information and to book tickets go to the Moshtix website.

Support Vera's MyCause appeal here. You can also view Vera’s complete makeup and bridal, fashion, and glamour solutions at Vera Coleski Makeup Artistry.

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