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The rate of preterm birth in Western Australia is 8-9%, and is 15% in Aboriginal people.

Fetal Futures Support Network

The Fetal Futures Support Network (FFSN) is online support group which provides support to women experiencing a fetal syndrome diagnosis.

Established in association with WIRF, KEMH and WA Charity Direct, the FFSN works alongside WIRF’s Fetal Futures Program, a research initiative that began in 2007 to assess the long term outcomes of children born at KEMH with recognised problems in fetal life.

The Fetal Futures Program and Support Network aim to provide evidence, and reassurance for improved ways of dealing with prenatal conditions.

To find out more about the FFSN, visit; www.fetalfuturessupport.com.au or the FFSN Facebook page; www.facebook.com/fetalfutures